It consists of the near or immediate environment of the company.

  • Industrial Relations
    We include among others:
    • Marine TEBE Logistic and Export brand turned to the maritime and aviation agencies;
    • TEBE Logistic and Export Transit: essentially present in Central Africa brand with a strong culture on transit, including pure hinterland and export;
    • TEBE Logistic and Exportoil / gas and mining: a recognized brand in the oil sector;
    • TEBE Logistic and Export warehouse: a brand specialized in the management of the supply chain;
    • TEBE Logistic and Export consulting: brand mainly specialized in communication and service delivery.
  •  Markets
    Our main customers are:
    • Multinationals;
    • Large companies;
    • SMEs;
    • NGOs;
    • The diaspora;
    • Individuals.
    Our main partners are:
    • Shipowners (Grimaldi, MSC ….)
    • Firms of expertise (Transhanseatic, etc …)
    • Dealers (MITCAM, TRACTAFRIC …)
    • Conveyors (Transline security)
  • Market Relations
    Market shares, image, commercial establishment, competence, profitability just to name that, these are all quality criteria, that TEBE Logistic and Export can stimulate the attention of his competitors. On this occasion, we see that TEBE Logistic and Export operates in a highly competitive network like the tenors such as:
    • MAERSK;
    • MOVIS;
    • Bolloré;
    • AMT;
    • SOCOMAR, etc.
  • Financial Relations
    The main contractor’s banks TEBE Logistic and Export transactions are:
    • Ecobank;
    • SGBC;
    • Afriland First Bank.
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