Cargo and Project Handling

Some cargoes refuse to fit into neat little packages for simple transportation. They’re too big, too heavy, too awkward, or simply too specialised to fit the norm. TEBE Logistic and Export is a leader in moving such project cargoes from source to destination.

TEBE Logistic and Export supports major project undertakings by combining our shipping, logistics and marine divisions, providing services that include:

  • Site survey / feasibility studies (routes, weather, political climate)
  • Full / part charter parties (air charters, time/ voyage charters)
  • Multi-modal transport (rail, tug & barge, heavy lift)
  • Special equipment transport (flat racks, open tops, platforms, tween deck solutions)
  • Freight negotiation (COA negotiation, long term rate validities)
  • Administrative support (customs clearance, Trade documentation)
  • In house flexible IT solutions and tracking and tracing

TEBE Logistic and Export Marine’s barges and landing craft are ideally suited for transporting project cargo in hard-to-reach areas with infrastructure limitations. TEBE Logistic and Export also provides ballast able barges to receive cargo on direct delivery basis for on-carriage to final destination.

This unique combination of shipping, logistics and marine capability within TEBE Logistic and Export reduces risk and cost, providing transparency in handling and peace of mind throughout the project move.

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