Ship chattering

We operate charter services as agents to ship owners for a specified period both for own cargo or for cargo owners. By using a charter party, we record the exact rate, duration and terms agreed between us and the ship-owner.
Our charter services cover the following types of charters:

  • Voyage Charter – we hire a vessel and crew for a voyage between a load port and a discharge port; we pay the vessel owner on a per-ton or lump-sum basis, while the owner pays the port costs, fuel costs and crew costs.
  • Time charter – we hire a vessel for a specific period of time; select the ports and direct the vessel where to go; pay for all fuel the vessel consumes including port charges and a daily ‘hire’ to the owner of the vessel while the owner manages the vessel.
  • Bareboat charter – in this arrangement, no administration or technical maintenance is included as part of the agreement. However, we pay for all operating expenses, including fuel, crew, port expenses and hull insurance. Usually, the charter period (normally years) ends with our obtaining title or ownership in the hull. The owners finance the purchase of the vessel.
  • Demise charter – when you, the ship-owner, provide the vessel, we take full control of the vessel along with the legal and financial responsibility for it and provide the crew and cargo.
    Operators’ requirements of ship systems change over time. TEBE Logistic and Export fleet includes a wide variety of vessels to meet almost any kind of demand for specific tonnage.
    TEBE Logistic and Export’s Commercial Ship Management department is the ideal partner as far as charterers of existing vessels are concerned.

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